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The interview

(2016) Ediciones El Gallo de oro

A scientist in the prime of his career and a young science journalist known for his provocative (inflammatory as his interlocutor put it) articles meet for an interview in a prestigious research centre. The initial disagreement, which is purely professional, will give way to another kind on tension, which will be much more intimate and dramatic. Because the two protagonists share a common past, which will gradually emerge and will bring them face to face again, but this time, without masks or power exercises: “barefoot, vulnerable” with sincerity as their only weapon.

 In the words of of the play’s two prologue writers, published in a bilingual edition by El Gallo de Oro:

The Interview is a rich, rich play, candy to te mind. It explores every aspect of the rough edge between science and society, from the tension of the world of the scholar seeking understanting contrasted with the realities of society, which needs melioriation, utility and justice in some combination. It is a wonderful play, and Imarvel at everything it squeezes into its pages”  (Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Prize in Chemistry)

The Interview is a story tha raises a scientific challenge of epic dimensions, while at the same time it reveals the fragile nature of human beings ans their constant unwavering urge to improve themselves. As the plot progresses, it is fascinating to see how science and life are intertwined; how the emotional and ethical intrigue of the characters are added to the intellectual curiosity of science.” (Pedro Miguel Echenique, President of Donostia International Physics Center)

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