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Los peces negros (Black fish)

(2005) Editorial Bassarai

Black Fish is a novel which reminds us of the verbal precision of Marguerite Duras (prior to The Lover; the Duras of The Square or Moderato Cantabile), or of the essentiality in Fleur Jaeggy writing, to tell a story ruled by desire, or rather, by the lack thereof.

On the one hand, the author presents the discovery of desire, passionate and revitalizing, experienced by M.—the young character of unknown gender—as M. falls in love with an odd-looking man who roams about the secluded areas of the city while M. follows behind.

But, on the other hand, Etxenike reveals the quasi-death caused by the absence of desire, the evil which governs the existence of that mysterious man, whose life’s drive was snatched in his childhood by his grandfather while teaching him the art of fishing.

Fishing and its elements: water, fishhooks, fish and air, shape the splendid metaphor used by Etxenike to arrange the meditated meeting between the desire for life—which will lead M. to compose ten songs summarizing his love affair— and the living death that the strange man drags with him; eventually, he will delve into the depth of his void to be caught again by the hook whose wound might perhaps return his ability to feel.”  –ANA MARÍA MOIX


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