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El mal más grave (The Worst of Wrongs)

(1997) Editorial Bassarai

The Worst of Wrongs is the reflection of 14-year-old Ellie Stanford´s life growing up in the outskirts of a big city.  It reflects on a cruelty which is not contemplated on, but which is felt and impulsively acted on by the mind and body of a teenager, where punishment and revenge, incomprehension and fear, personal dissatisfaction, as well as, maturity and hope sprouts amid family, friends and neighbours.


In The Worst of Wrongs naivety becomes a pretext, a revenge, in a world which shocks its characters; and therefore, startles the readers in various doses of condemnation and stupor. We witness how fiction reinforces reality at the precise and masterful hand of Luisa Etxenike.

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