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El detective de sonidos (The sound detective)

(2011) Editorial Libros de Pizarra - (2014) Naïve Livres, Paris

“With this unusual, innovative and astonishingly intelligent bildungsroman, Luisa Extenike adds her name to the very best in the noir and coming-of-age genres, in a transformative and radically modern way. Like a Russian doll, El detective de sonidos is one and many novels at once, an incredibly powerful, post-Proustian hymn to the beauty and complexities of life, and a highly contemporary interpretation of emotions and the sense of the conflicts, traumas and responsibilities of one’s own and of others.

Readers will follow the young anti-hero and enter a spiral of revelations, discoveries and successive developments in search of one and of many ‘times’ and lost times to regain, take back and discover. There are many registers in this novel written in a supple, delicate prose, a humorous, tender book in permanent, sharp chiaroscuro. Absolutely captivating.” (New Spanish Books)

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