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El arte de la pesca (The art of fishing)

(2015) Ediciones El Gallo de oro

Many afternoons, after fishing “grandfather would take me back to his house.” It is there where the young narrator will come to understand, much clearer than facing the sea, what it means to be a fish hurt by the “no escaping, cruelty”of the hook. But, he will also remember that all fish “big or small, with or without strong teeth” fight to the very end to notbe caught.


With a firm and transparent style, like a fishing line, The Art of Fishing, will reel us in through that decisive struggle.


The reader can also find a musical audio file, Antes, originally composed by Basque artist Borja de Miguel.  The musical notes accompany the text like drops of water.  It is breathable water for the main characters: the child-fish and the man-fish, who struggles to not be caught.

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