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El ángulo ciego (The blind spot)

(2009) Editorial Bruguera- Premio Euskadi de Literatura

The blind spot, the view in the car mirror that cannot be reflected, was the intimate space where Martin’s father, the main character, created to safeguard his most valuable possessions: his dreams.

Here in this blind spot there was no room for fear, vulnerability, gross intolerance or the threatening danger which terrorism imposed.

In this intense, illuminating and bold novel Luisa Etxenike relates a double tale of criminal terrorism which kills the narrator’s father but not the powerful words to overcome it.

Etxenike’s mastery of literature manages to equip a word with such force that it gives the reader the power to think and act against barbarism (as Martin’s mother’s discourse upholds).

The Blind Spot is a doubly brave novel reflecting the consequences of terrorism in our personal life. It is original and captivating narration.

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