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Ejercicios de duelo (Duelling Drills)

(2001) Editorial Bassarai

“This slim collection of short stories deserves special attention: probably the most original minute narratives since the appearance of Cristina Fernández Cubas´s first book. They grip the reader´s attention from the first paragraph on and do not let go, keep up suspense until the last.

One of the stories, “Deconstrucción”, could be regarded as the exposition of Etxenike´s “poetics”: an apprenticesship in dismounting traditional prescriptions for respectable life. The reader is made to perceive the emptiness of the lives of old-fashioned family women. Light mockery blends with barely perceptible sympathy. Every protagonist is capable of a double vision and of self-irony. The development of the stories always brings surprises; situations are constantly inverted or subverted. The title of the book very aptly indicates what will befound in it: life is a process, an apprenticesship in self-defence with no lasting illusions of value.

The best of female innovative writing in a small capsule”. BIRUTÉ CIPLIJAUSKAITÉ

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