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Correspondence with Mircea Cartarescu

(2016) Ediciones Erein

This book gathers the correspondence between the authors Luisa Etxenike and Mircea Cartaescu as part of the Chekhov vs Shakespeare Project sponsored by Donostia/San Sebastián-European Capital of Cultural 2016.


“Because it is difficult to belong to a world which is so real and unreal, trustworthy and frightening at the same time; which is alive, but in many ways dead as well.  That is what dictatorships do:  sow deaths inside the living and expels confidence and belonging at is core.  To belong, you have to trust.”  Luisa Etxenike (letter dated January 6, 2016)


“Not only are we writers, but we are also citizens, and this brings other commitments with it.  We are surrounded by other human beings.  Are we to remain blind to their needs and difficulties?…We cannot do such a thing; otherwise, we would not be worthy of calling ourselves writers, intellectuals, not even human beings.” Mircea Cartarescu (letter dated February 9, 2016)

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