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Libros publicads por Luisa Etxenike.

El detective de sonidos (The sound detective)

(2011) Editorial Libros de Pizarra - (2014) Naïve Livres, Paris

“With this unusual, innovative and astonishingly intelligent bildungsroman, Luisa Extenike adds her name to the very best in the noir and coming-of-age genres, in a transformative and radically modern way.”

El ángulo ciego (The blind spot)

(2009) Editorial Bruguera- Premio Euskadi de Literatura

The blind spot, the view in the car mirror that cannot be reflected, was the intimate space where Martin’s father, the main character, created to safeguard his most valuable possessions: his dreams.

Here in this blind spot there was no room for fear, vulnerability, gross intolerance or the threatening danger which terrorism imposed.

Los peces negros (Black fish)

(2005) Editorial Bassarai

“Black Fish is a novel which reminds us of the verbal precision of Marguerite Duras (prior to The Lover; the Duras of The Square or Moderato Cantabile), or of the essentiality in Fleur Jaeggy writing, to tell a story ruled by desire, or rather, by the lack thereof.

Vino (Wine)

(2003) Editorial Bassarai - (2012) Robert Laffont, Paris

Vino habla del amor en un paisaje de viñas y cepas, pero es también la historia de un conflicto familiar que velará a sus protagonistas en carne viva. Durante unas vacaciones en un pueblo de la Rioja, un joven …

Ejercicios de duelo (Duelling Drills)

(2001) Editorial Bassarai

“This slim collection of short stories deserves special attention: probably the most original minute narratives since the appearance of Cristina Fernández Cubas´s first book. They grip the reader´s attention from the first paragraph on and do not let go, keep up suspense until the last. “

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