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Absoluta presencia

(2018) Ediciones Gallo de Oro

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Correspondence with Mircea Cartarescu

(2016) Ediciones Erein

This book gathers the correspondence between the authors Luisa Etxenike and Mircea Cartaescu as part of the Chekhov vs Shakespeare Project sponsored by Donostia/San Sebastián-European Capital of Cultural 2016.

The interview

(2016) Ediciones El Gallo de oro

A scientist in the prime of his career and a young science journalist known for his provocative (inflammatory as his interlocutor put it) articles meet for an interview in a prestigious research centre. The initial disagreement, which is purely professional, will give way to another kind on tension, which will be much more intimate and dramatic.

El arte de la pesca (The art of fishing)

(2015) Ediciones El Gallo de oro

Many afternoons, after fishing “grandfather would take me back to his house.” It is there where the young narrator will come to understand, much clearer than facing the sea, what it means to be a fish hurt by the “no escaping, cruelty”of the hook.

El detective de sonidos (The sound detective)

(2011) Editorial Libros de Pizarra - (2014) Naïve Livres, Paris

“With this unusual, innovative and astonishingly intelligent bildungsroman, Luisa Extenike adds her name to the very best in the noir and coming-of-age genres, in a transformative and radically modern way.”

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